T-Shirt Designs

SCRA T-Shirts

Since the early 1990's I have been a swim coach at SCRA (Stanford Campus Recreation Association). Since about 1996, I have been designing T-shirts for the 150+ swimmers on the team. Some of the shirts have been quite popular, with kids still wearing them 8 years later. Here are examples of past shirts (click the image to get a slightly larger version).

Summer, 2005

SCRA Summer 2005 T-Shirt: "SCRA WARS"

No credit for me on this one, just here for history. This year was a black shirt (we stood out) with white text on front in back in HanSolo font. Front: "SCRA WARS" and back "THE SCRA STRIKES BACK" in honor of Star Wars Episode 3.

Shown to the right......a picture of me in 2005 with the "noodle" on my nose....

Summer, 2004

SCRA Summer 2004 T-Shirt: "Citius Altius Fortius"

Another Olympic year. The front uses an agressive logotext (sharp text) and a chest-broad year in read. The back is a reproduction of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Logo. Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger). The artwork took about 1 week to "trace" out in Illustrator from a low resolution bitmap.

Summer, 2003

SCRA Summer 2003 T-Shirt: "SCRA PRIDE"

This year had a fairly simple (marker felt) front logotext. Much effort was put into the back, attempting to create a tough looking sea lion standing on the blocks. Unfortunately, the end result in silk screen looked more like a blob and this shirt was definitely not a favorite.

Summer 2002

SCRA Summer 2002 T-Shirt: "SCRA FUN"

No image, sorry. Basic white shirt with giant block text "SCRA" on front and "FUN" on back (Bob's design). I helped orchistrate the tie-dyeing of 200+ shirts in one afternoon. Each swimmer and coach got to dye their own white shirt with red tie-dye. Quite the cool effect!!!

(no image) (no image)

Summer, 2001

SCRA Summer 2001 T-Shirt: "SCRA FISH"

Kalani Leifer provided the inspiration for the front of the shirt (I traced and finalized his design into Illustrator) using the NBA/MLB logos as a starting point. The back brought a fun touch to the swim season. It took quite a bit of work to scan/trace/composite the Dr. Seuss images for our needs (flipping tails around, etc). This shirt has remained a favorite among the swimmers.

Summer, 2000

SCRA Summer 2000 T-Shirt: "SAMMY"

This year rencorporated the flower pattern (from an earlier shirt) with embedded superscra and noodle logos (look closely). On the back is a traced (Illustrator) image of Sammy The Eagle for the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics and the official Olympic Slogan. This shirt remains an all time favorite of yours truly, simply because Sammy is such a cool mascot.

January, 2000

SCRA Zone Team 2000 T-Shirt: "Penguin"

I cannot take complete credit for this shirt - Evi-Lynn did most of the work (I did take care of the front and help with layout on the back a little bit, artwork is not mine on back). This shirt was done for the year-round winter zone 1 north team (which swam under the same acronym but different name).

Summer, 1999

SCRA Summer 1999 T-Shirt: "Sun"

This is the shirt that broke the mold. This was the first year we went both front & back on a shirt. This was also the first year we went more than one color. With the "superscra" logo up front, we went for a fun-in-the-sun-and-water theme on back. Nothing too complicated here.

Summer, 1996, 1997, 1998

SCRA Summer 1996-1998 T-Shirt: "The Noodle"

Prior to 1996, SCRA T-shirts were typically white with red block text. After an extensive logo study (at least 12 options created) I settled on what became known as "The Noodle". Simple ITC Anna font "S" with it's gentle curve (think "S-pattern" for freestyle, eh?). Swimmers either loved or hated the noodle. However, consistently applied over 3 years (on white or red shirts, sometimes with shadowing) the logo became identifiable and synonymous with SCRA (Swimming & Tennis). There were several occurances of kids wearing their SCRA shirts showing up on front pages of local newspapers. The logo still crops up today on some t-shirts and swimcaps used by the team.


Game T-Shirts:

It's always been nice to do shirts for our Game Team (Know Nothings, Team Snood). We usually cheap out and go with tie-dye or off-the-shelf shirts, but there have been some custom shirts in the past that have been quite fun.


Team Orange Snood, Griffith's Exhibition

Recognize the flower pattern from other shirts? This time I have incorporated snood images, diamonds (McGuffin to be specific) and an Orange Crush logo.


Team Snood, Special E.D. Unit

What can I say, I had fun with this shirt. The theme was Justice Unlimited. We decided to each become superheroes of the Special E.D. (figure it out) unit. There were 5 of us, and I chose to honor the Olympic Year as well. On the front, familiiar logos (stylized somewhat to match their olympic ring color). On the back, stylized superheroes, Captain Viagra, Yocon Jack, La Levitra, Trojan Man, Cialis Lantern. Note that La Levitra has the flame coming from his ears! To make it even better, each one of us had a ringer shirt with arm/neckband colors to match our ring color.


Megahard, Team Know Nothings

The theme was the DoorsT2000 release party. This shirt was to make us the ubergeeks. Custom pocket logo centered on the chest. Name on back and number on back center. To contrast the ubergeek nature, we made this shirt with green soccer jerseys (hence the layout on back). To enhance the ubergeek nature, I used silver metallic vinyl (circuit-board-esque) for all the print and binary on the back instead of decimal.


The Imperial Guard (Know Nothings)

For Jedi Training, we decided to be unique. Rather than be a Jedi Team, we came in as the Imperial Guard with music blaring. To enhance our rough-n-tumble image, we had the logo printed large on back of hockey jerseys (red, of course). The Imperial Guard circle showed up on the right sleeve and the year (97) on the left sleeve. Up front we had our nick names on our pockets (Red Leader, Evil D, etc.)


The Hell Game Control Shirt

This was early on (check out that artwork!). On the back, two pitchforks with the inscription from the Gates of Hell ("Abandon all hope ye who enter"). On the front pocket was "Game Control 1994". To make the shirt "evil", we silkscreened everything in red on a black worked.