Logo Design Work

I love moonlighting as a graphic designer and have had the opportunity to create several logo designs.

A great logo can take months or minutes. You can nail it on the first try, or go through countless iterations. Either way, a great logo is one that you can still "see" with your eyes closed. A great logo can be reproduced on a variety of media and can even look good in black-and-white. That's not to say that the logos presented below are "great" (you be the judge), but they were designed with those concepts in mind.

July, 2005

Mobius Photonics, Inc.

Yours truly is one of the founders. The Mobius Photonics company web-site is finally up. As you can tell, we are in the well-known (for the valley) "stealth mode".

Mobius Photonics Logo

March, 1996 Stanford Campus Recreation Association

The "Noodle" as it became known was either loved or hated by swimmers of the SCRA team. The noodle was used by SCRA (swimming and tennis teams) for nearly a decade and featured on thousands of shirts.

Summer, 1995 Tsunami Wharf >>> Red's Toyland

This logo was originally conceived back in 1995 for a project (Musti, Andy, myself) we named Tsunami Wharf. Great web-based concept, but not enough follow through on our part. Anyway, I dusted it back off nearly a decade later as the logo for Red's Toyland.

Spring, 1994 NGSI (Non Gender Specific It)

Oh my! The stories behind this baby.....a few of us single-handedly made it a campus icon during the 1994-1995 school year. Still used on occasion (see the NGSI totem), I must claim precendence to the pitiful "rumbaldi" look alike used in the Alias TV series.