"Gamemaster" totem



December, 2001

Current Owner


Current Location

Sunnyvale, CA


bloodwood, steel, copper


polished crystal coat, black enamel


Gamemaster is full of hidden surprises. As with clouds in the sky, everybody sees something different in Gamemaster. Standing 4 feet tall, Gamemaster illustrates reincorporation of form and tension while utilizing playful interplays of positive and negative space. In spite of features reminiscing Layla, Gamemaster is definitely unique.

Gamemaster is constructed of a single piece of bloodwood. Bloodwood is an extremely dense bright red hardwood. The grain runs vertically throughout the piece and has orange flame highlights. This was one of my first times working with bloodwood, and I was surprised to find the saw dust every bit as beautiful as expected (see picture below). Gamemaster also demonstrated my best finish to date, with fine sanding followed by several rounds of buffing of the crystal coat. The finish is (and remains to this day) crystal clear and mirror smooth.