Cribbage Board #10: The Wedding Board

Wedding Board Movies


Part of the documentation effort included keeping the eventual owners apprised of the ongoing progress. The ironic part, is the movie-making became its own form of Project Delay! A lot of time was put into the full trailer, and it's definitely worth the time-to-download. The Pegmode Example is more informational than glamorous and serves to explain how the pegs work.

The Full Trailer was "released" prior to completion of the boards. At the time, it predicted quite the optimistic completion date. The trailer also includes panning screenshots of many of the other files here. This is a great place to start. (Definitely worth the time to download.) Critics agree: "It's better than CATS!"

The Peg Mode & Programming Example movie shows video of pegs being "programmed" and of the different basic and overlay modes. This movie was filmed after completion of all 3 Wedding Boards. If you are still confused about what all the electronics do, then this is the movie for you. (Another great place to start and worth the time to download!)

A video of 3 Working Boards was taken in early May, 2004. I apologize for the shaky hands, but it shows 3 boards, all working off of battery power, with the pegs in the internal pegholders. Yes...3 boards complete! Can you friggin believe it?

This video of the First Working Board shows the very first completed board. Once again, apologies for the shaking hands. In this example you can see both the flash overlay mode and the pulse overlay modes. This video is a little more up-close-and-personal than the 3 Working Boards.

This Group Of 5 Animation was *not* used in the trailer movie due to lack of time, but shows the detail of the models created during the modeling phase. The connector model was created in SolidWorks and is accurate to 0.01" or better. This connector drove the size-basis for the entire project.

The following Board Animation was used in the full trailer. This file shows the 3D SolidWorks model in a frame-by-frame animation. Incidentally, since the time this was made, SolidWorks has added brand new movie capturing capabilities.

The Peg Animation was used in the trailer movie. Because everything was such a tight fit in the pegs, the board and its components were fully modeled to show clearance. One can see why the ATTiny had to be "J-leaded" to fit. This also shows the LED and O-ring. The clear heatshrink is not shown.