5/2005 I have received numerous simple questions regarding this project, and the #1 question is simply "What does it do?". The is simiply a 3-track cribbage board. However, on this board, the pegs light up. You can make the pegs light up any color, or have them flash or pulse. No, it does not count for you, interact online or otherwise get any more complex than that. Does it make sense now, Mary? Try the Background or FAQ.

1/2005 Well, after many many years, the Wedding Board was completed. A couple of months later a majority of the documentation was completed for the Atmel AVR 2004 Design Contest (sponsered by Circuit Cellar).

And the results are in for the Circuit Cellar / AVR Design Contest: Cribbage Board #10: The Wedding Board received an award of Distinctive Excellence. After all that hard work.....

The pages of this site are for those curious souls....those that want to poke around some of the 80+MB of documentation created during the project. There's a lot here, so take your time and enjoy.


Quick Start:

Looking for immediate satisfaction and visual explanation?

Try some of the Movies.

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Try some of the Pictures. Specifically, Some of my favorites include the PegCloseup, Finished View, and Solid Color View.

How does it all work?

Well, this visual depiction of the color wash scheme might help. This high level block-diagram and the feature list will give you a feel for the design.

As for legalize....all the documents on this site are copyright 2004 by Red Byer. All rights reserved. For further information you may contat Red via email. See the Contact Page for more information.