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Here's an easy-to-parse list of Red's Toyland Updates. There is also a WhatsNewArchive for any updates that happened prior 3/2008.

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10/18/2018 Updated links page, and dyeing page



11/4/2012 Removed the silly RSS feed on this page...... nobody uses RSS anymore. Here's the old broken link to the right -> LINK
10/31/2010 Added Pumpkin Dinner Recipes: LINK
6/21/2010 Some big updates to the Python and Objective-C crossing the bridge page LINK
1/2/2010 Added "farting" to Red's New English Words LINK
1/1/2010 Updates on the blog abound. LINK
11/14/2009 is created with links to favorite photos, etc. LINK
11/6/2009 Dagny is born... Writeup with TMI about Steph's 32 hours of labor! LINK
4/30/2009 Updated Crossing the Python<->ObjectiveC Bridge with more code and explanations. LINK
4/26/2009 MAJOR UPDATE. Creation of and overhaul of web site. LINK
3/18/2009 Updated Links Page with a link to our GC Blog LINK
1/31/2009 Added Windchime #3 (Glass Windchimes) to Projects LINK
1/31/2009 Added "fauxcilization" to Red's New English Words LINK
1/10/2009 Added searching to the site. Try it out.
1/6/2009 Windchime #5: flamed copper
1/6/2009 Windchime #2: improved construction
1/6/2009 Windchime #1: the first of many
1/5/2009 Wind Chime Page added to Projects
1/1/2009 Update of site templates, etc, with transition to CS4.
10/29/2008 Projects:OtherDesigns: This is the blinky Sharks Helmet that you might have seen at the Tank over the last few seasons.
10/28/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: Whining About Starting Out
10/28/2008 UPDATE: GOALIE THOUGHTS: How Goalies Keep Score
9/29/2008 Added another quick hockey photo
9/23/2008 Updated Goalie Scoring with new situation
9/19/2008 San Jose Sharks 2008-2009 Schedule in iCalendar format, hooray!
9/5/2008 WRITINGS/RANTS: Recipe Rant #1: Ingredient Order Pain
8/18/2008 PROJECTS:TOTEMS:msiaw
7/23/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: I has a flavor
7/17/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: Petting The Monkey
6/20/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: Names I've Been Called
6/19/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: How Goalies Keep Score
6/19/2008 GOALIE THOUGHTS: Introduction
3/14/2008 A little goalie humility
3/27/2008 Python and Objective-C : Crossing the Bridge in BOTH directions! Here's how to do it.
3/25/2008 Ice Oasis Schedules for 2008 posted.
3/4/2008 Hockey photo series: Randy Foils His Own Breakaway Attempt
4/9/2020 Added project: Shake Table mk 3.