Red's New English Words

It's easy to come up with new words for the Engliish language. It's almost as easy to find conflicting examples of words that don't mean what they should (a "firefighter" fights fires so doesn't a "freedom fighter" fight freedom?--George Carlin) What I'm attempting to do here is propose words that fit in obvious holes that need filling. Below are some new words for the English language that are obvious and mean what they say they mean. (Words Last Added: 1/1/10 )


Pronunciation: back-ull

Definition: (adj.) Opposite of frontal. Directed against the back. Directed at the backdoor of an issue or argument. .

Example: I have no desire to see full backal nudity in movies when it involves Michael Douglas.

(added 4/10/05)


Pronunciation: bow-dee (slow), or bo-die! (fast, expletive)

Definition: (noun) 4-letter word used alone as a noun or as a verb in order to express anger, dissatisfaction, annoyance, frustration, or general ill being. Most commonly used as a replacement for a four-letter f-word or s-word. Very useful in mixed company or around small children. Depending on the cadence (slow and drawn out, or fast punctuated expletive), can express a range of emotions.

Example: Bode! I dropped the really expensive and fragile thing. (2) Awwww, Boh-deeee, did I just do that?

History: Steph & I coined and started using "bode" during the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics after a certain (overweight looking, out-of-shape, and party-focused) medal contender shamefully went 0 for 5 and didn't seem to care a wink. We've used it consistently since and find it a wonderfully expressive 4-letter word.

(added 10/9/06)


Pronunciation: bor-ken

Definition: (adj) equivalent to "broken", only with 2 letters swapped.

Example: Bode! I dropped the really expensive and fragile thing and now it's borken!

History: Appeared next to the borken blinds at Dana Street Roasting Company sometime in 2007. Some poor and slightly over-caffeinated barista probably wrote the sign in a dyslexic frenzy. We've used it locally ever since.

(added 3/2/08)


Pronunciation: sha-lant-lee

Definition: (adj.) Opposite of nonchalant. Not feeling or appearing casually. Enthusiastic, anxious.

Example: The woman desperately needed her chocolate fix and chalantly ripped open the chocolate bar wrapper.

(added 4/10/05)


Pronunciation: com-bob-you-late

Definition: (verb) Opposite of discombobulate. Which means it is the opposite of "to confuse" or "upset". Often, discombobulation is a state of disarray. Therefore, to be combobulated is to be free of confusion or to have one's things in order.

Example: Hey! Before we leave, can you give me 5 minutes to combobulate myself?

(added 4/10/05)


Pronunciation: com-plecks-if-eye

Definition: (verb) Opposite of simplify. To make more complex, to de-simplify, to make more complicated and confusing, to make more detailed.

Example: I can simplify, complexify, or change things around as you need or see fit.

(added 4/27/05)


Pronunciation: dee-pecks

Definition: (noun) Opposite of Apex. The low-point of a function/curve/set. Similar to Appreciation and Depreciation, Apex needs a clear opposite: Depex.

Example: You will find ball resting at the depex of the surface.

(added 3/13/05)


Pronunciation: dep-oh-jee

Definition: (noun) Low point or near point of an orbit or trajectory. Opposite of Apogee. Sure, therre is already a word in the English language for this: ________ But have you ever heard anyone use this word?

Example: The rocket's depogee was on the ground (both times).

(added 3/13/05)


Pronunciation: far-ih-gee

Definition: (noun) Equivalent to the word apogee. Opposite of the word "nearigee". The farthest or highest point. The farthest point away for a satellite orbit.

Example: The farigee of Space Ship One was a measly 62 miles up..

(courtesy of Steph C.. added 4/14/05)


Pronunciation: far-ting

Definition: <not what you think> (verb) Similar to the active verb "burping" as in "to burp" an infant. Farting an infant is the process in which an infant is relaxed, flexed, or jiggled so as to produce gaseous noise out of "that end".

Example: After my wife burped the baby, it was my job to fart her and make sure she was no longer gassy.

Example 2: I make sure to do a good farting of the baby prior to changing her diaper.

(added 1/1/10)


Pronunciation: fo-shill-uh-zay-shun

Definition: (noun) fake (or faux) socialization, often with other [typically 'expected'] purposes. (fauxcilize is the verb form)

Example: We went to the awards banquet where there was a lot of fauxlization. We were fauxcilizing with all of our competitiors, all the while pretending like we were the best of friends.

(added 1/31/2009)


Pronunciation: goes-in-tah or gah-zin-tah

Definition: (noun) Descriptive term for electrical or data input to a system. Typically refers to a connector. Opposite of "gozouta".

Example: The gozinta is a 44 pin d-sub on the right side of the box.

(courtesy of Shannon G. added 3/13/05)


Pronunciation: goes-out-ah or gah-zout-ah

Definition: (noun) Descriptive term for electrical, data or other output in a system. Typically refers to the "object" or function that a system produces. Opposite of "gozinta".

Example: The gozouta from the controller is RS-232, not ethernet, and can be found physically opposite of the gozinta.

(courtesy of Shannon G. added 3/13/05)


Pronunciation: hi-peks

Definition: (noun) Equivalent to apex. Opposite of "lowpex". The highest or culminating point. The peak.

Example: The highpex of the curve is somewhere between x = 3 and x = 5.

(courtesy of Stephanie C. added 4/15/05)


Pronunciation: lo-peks

Definition: (noun) Opposite of the "highpex" and similar to 'depex" and nadir. The low point (of a curve or other path).

Example: The ball always rolls down towards the lowpex.

(courtesy of Stephanie C. added 4/15/05)


Pronunciation: murr-thee

Definition: (adjective) Causing laughter or amusement, humorous. Similar to "funny" but not as much. One step below "funny" on the laughter causing scale of things.

Example: While the joke was not entirely funny, I found myself feeling a little mirthy nonetheless.

(added 12/22/05)


Pronunciation: near-ih-gee

Definition: (noun) Equivalent to the word perigee. Opposite of the word "farigee". The nearest or lowest point. The nearest point away for a satellite orbit.

Example: Haley's Comet's next nearigee will occur on November 22, 2061, when it will be only .485AU away from the Earth.

(courtesy of Steph C.. added 4/14/05)


Pronunciation: obb-skyur-if-eye

Definition: (verb) Similar to "obfuscate". To render obscure or cover up so as to make less clear.

Example: The smog in the valley obscurified the San Jose "skyline".

Bonus Example: She had a knockout body, but preferred to obscurify it with baggy clothing.

(courtesy of Rita, et al.. added 10/31/05)


Pronunciation: out-si-dent

Definition: (noun) The outgoing portion of a laser beam, ray of light or other vector. Opposite of "incident". Outcident is used to imply directionality (useful when discussing beams/rays and propogation through a medium).

Example: For a reflected beam off of a mirror, the incident and outcident angles (with respect to normal) are the same.

(added 3/13/05)


Pronunciation: pritt-if-eye

Definition: (verb) The act of making something pretty, or at least nice looking.

Example: I'll prettify your hand sketch for you in Illustrator.

(added 11/10/05)


Pronunciation: re-band

Definition: (verb) To put back together. Opposite of "disband".

Example: The team has been rebanded after the long summer break.

(added 3/30/05)


Pronunciation: snarr-full

Definition: (verb) To roll on one's back and scratch and gurr in good fun. Typically done by dogs.

Example: Donovan was too busy snarfeling to notice that the barbeque was being lit.

(added 12/24/05)



Pronunciation: too-dull-ing

Definition: (verb) To meander somewhat aimlessly but in a given and pointless direction. No relation to the goodbye ter "toodle".

Example: We went toodling around the area looking for something to eat, not sure what it was that we wanted, only that we did not want McDonalds.

(added 12/24/05)